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i really encouraged this opportunity for him to go to mexico and participate in fishing, because that's his passion. >> a passion that ended in death. the only man known to have died in that baja boating accident is from the bay area. tonight his family talks about his life and the tragedy that took it. good evening, everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. raj mathai is off tonight. 36 survived, but seven men are
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still missing tonight, and a full search is under way. just released this evening, these are four of the men that they're looking for. the mexican coast guard scouring the baja coast after their boat capsized sunday morning. the only man confirmed dead, this man, lessee ye, retired after 37 years on the job with the san francisco chronicle. >> i actually spoke with him right before he boarded the ship in mexico. he was very excited. he was just an extreme workaholic, was dedicated to his family and never put time aside for himself. >> cheryl hurd joins us with more, and this band of brothers that's holding out hope that they find their friends. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. we are live here in alameda at the coast guard station, and we are getting information, updated
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information about anything about some of the folks missing in the gulf coast. nbc talked with one of the survivors and we also talked with a family member of one of the missing. >> it was like a dream. it was like a movie but we survived it. >> reporter: charles gibson is one of the survivors on board the fishing vessel that capsized in mexico. >> the realization came when the ship actually lowered itself into the water, kind of like the "titanic" movie. i just remember the smell of diesel fuel burning my skin. we decided to swim for land. and it seemed a little closer than it was. >> reporter: gibson swam 16 hours in shark invested water hanging onto an ice chest until he reached land. >> if someone is going to survive, it's going to be charles and he's got the physical strength and themental
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will and strength to survive. >> reporter: the mexican navy with the u.s. coast guard aircraft similar to this one are searching for survivors in the california gulf waters about two miles offshore. the 115 foot long fishing vessel sank sunday during a storm. seven americans, mostly from the bay area, are still missing, including frederick hahn's father-in-law, don le, from san ramone. >> he organized these events and everybody you would see on that boat was either a family member or a close friend who he's known at least 20 years plus. >> reporter: family members of the missing just put together this facebook page. it includes flyers with pictures of the missing fishermen. >> our hope is that they have found themselves on an island somewhere, one they haven't searched yet.
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they have expanded the search radius due to the current. >> reporter: coast guard officials tell hahn that it is possible that those missing could be found alive. simply because of the temperature of the water. the water is estimated to be about 85 degrees. reporting live, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. new video just into the newsroom. look at this, it's a massive dust storm as it rolls over phoenix. believe it or not, this isn't unusual in arizona, but is one of the largest ever seen. the wall of dust towering over sky scrapers. witnesses say it's some 50 miles wide in some spots with winds up to 60 miles an hour pushing it through. >> at one point, visibility was down to about 25 yards. it was very dangerous situation across the city. we have this under control as
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best we can. we're working with the power companies to get power restored. >> the dust storm dissipated after several hours with thunderstorms moving in. not so lucky, a san jose man is in the hospital tonight after a road rage incident outside of a lucky supermarket. that altercation unfolding sunday afternoon. under arrest, this man, 34-year-old james estrada. investigators say estrada and the victim claim close to hitting each other's vans in the parking lot. shortly after that, estrada showed up at the victim's home and began stabbing him with a knife. the victim is in stable condition. so why is mike martin? he went missing over the weekend
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and no one has seen or heard from him since saturday evening. he went for a ride but so far the only sign of him is a cell phone recovered by another cyclist on tunnel road. his girlfriend said he had been fasting and hadn't eaten solid food in three days. >> he's of the athlete mentality, you know, he's been able to do these things in the past, go on 150-mile bike rides in one day. >> police are searching for clues along the road, looking for his green bicycle. if you have information that could help locate mike martin, contact the berkeley police. it's not exactly the thomas crown affair but it reads like a hollywood script. a man walks into an art gallery and walks out with a picasso. his getaway car? only in san francisco, a cab. the piece is called "head of a
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woman" and it's a small pencil sketch. the gallery owner says he's been making famous pieces accessible to the public for five years now and he's stunned by the theft. >> reporter: jessica, police say that suspect just walked into that art gallery, walked over to the picasso piece, took it off the wall and walked out to a line of waiting cabs and got away. an empty hook at the art gallery is a grim reminder of a missing picasso piece that was on display this morning. the gallery president says the seth is heartbreaking. >> it's my goal to be able to bring exactly what you see in this gallery, original works by picasso, to the street level. i want it to be available to the public. we just need to do a better job to make sure our security is in place.
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>> reporter: a man walked into the gallery at 11:41 this morning, took the picasso off the wall, walked out and got into a cab. investigators have taken a checkered cab into evidence. the stolen piece is picasso's head of a woman, a 1965 pencil on paper, a small piece with a big price tag. >> sold at auction for $122,000. >> reporter: the san francisco arts commission director says it also holds educational value. >> you follow picasso's evolution of ideas for major walks through his drawings. >> reporter: an alert about the theft will circulate through the art world. >> sometimes works that are stolen and they cannot be sold, they get destroyed. and that's the loss for everyone. >> reporter: the suspect is described as a white man in his 30s, well dressed in dark clothing, big sunglasses and
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loafers with no socks. police are hoping security cameras captured a picture of the thief. two other galleries have picassos on display, so you can get this theft has them reviewing security. reporting live, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. even a lockout won't keep the 49ers from trying to tackle important stadium issues. the city council met to talk about how it plans to pay the estimated $1 billion it will cost to build the stadium. $138 has within secured from the sale of luxury box sweets. even when combined with the $250 million from the nfl, the project still comes up more thaa $500 million short. 49er official s insist they're not worried. >> we're encouraged with the state of the progress we've had.
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we've had strong interest from fans and companies. >> reporter: p >> this is the first of many meetings to come. the stadium is expected to be completed by 2015. okay, how young is too young for medical marijuana? >> i really, when it comes to critics, look at my son's before and after pictures. read the e-mails that i have from parents who asked -- they have pleas for help. >> tonight, one mother's controversial decision to treat her son's disorder. and facebook is hours away from a major announcement that's going to change the way you communicate. an extreme sport gets a little too extreme tonight. a bay area man gets a little too close to the action and it's caught on tape. good evening. a sizzler in the south bay tday. more triple digits. we had 102 in morgan hill and
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100 in the almaden valley. we'll talk about this cooling is coming your way and what it will mean with your forecast, coming up. .
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not guilty. after months of cable coverage and courtroom fascination, the florida mother accused of killing her own daughter is found not guilty of murder. 25-year-old casey anthony now faces only four years in prison. found only guilty of lying to police and not of killing her toddler. 2-year-old caylee anthony was found dead in 2008. anthony's trial lasted a month, but it was full of twists and turns and the outcome no different. anthony and her defense team tempered their celebrations. at one point she seemed mouthing the words "thank you." but outrage followed for millions who closely monitored the case. legal expert steven clark isn't convinced the prosecution did all they could. >> and the prosecution was never able to get over the hurdle of beyond a reasonable doubt that this could have been an accident. but what happened is, there wasn't much evidence that it was an accident. it was all the statements of the defense attorney and the prosecutor probably should have got up and argued that more strongly. there's no evidence here, it's
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only statements of counsel. >> anthony is expected to be in court later this week for sentencing and could be credited for time served and even walk out of jail. she wowed audiences for stage. san francisco is mourning the death of the city's oldest drag queen. marlene performed in san francisco for more than 50 years and until the past march, twice weekly at aunt charlie's lounge. in addition to making a name for herself on stage, she was one of the first people in the nation to undergo gender reassignment surgery. >> she gave a start to a lot of the drag queens here in san francisco. she hired them to perform with her, because they made her look good, okay? >> a memorial will take place on
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july 17th. she was 76 years old. turning now to our indepth report. medical marijuana is used to treat dozens of ailments, but now one mother is swearing by it to help her autistic son. plenty of parents give their kids chocolate. but this is not your typical chocolate bar. >> all done? all right. >> reporter: mico perez is giving her 12-year-old autistic son joey chocolate laced with medical marijuana. >> when your son is knocking on death's door, there's nothing you won't do. >> this is what joey looked like 2 1/2 years ago. he weighed just 42 pounds.
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a stark contrast to his current weight of 112 pounds. >> she was withering away. yukd see the bones in his chest. i said, i got it. >> reporter: at first she thought her idea was crazy. but out of desperation, she googled cannabis and autism and realized she wasn't the only one that made the connection. experts found success as a treatment for autistic children. that's all she needed to get a medical marijuana card for joey. the first time she gave him a pot brownie, she saw immediate results. >> everything is improved. right now he's given one brownie every two to three days. the other medications he was taking every single day twice a day. >> reporter: she says medical marijuana not only gave him a
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big appetite, which we saw for ourselves, it also helped his behavior. >> he was calm, sociable, happy, more productive. >> we called dozens of pediatricians and autism experts looking for someone who would be critical of hester perez's position, but no one wanted to talk on camera. we found this doctor, who is on the american academy of pediatric substance abuse committee. while he doesn't question motives for using marijuana to treat autism, he is concerned. >> parents have the best interest of their kids at heart and want to do what's best for their kids. but as a medical professional who really needs to look at the science behind recommendations, i can't recommend it. >> reporter: and he won't recommend it for this reason. >> there's no research on this topic. >> reporter: hester perez says
11:18 pm
the research is there, but it's not just being done in the traditional sense. >> whether we like it or not, the studies are being done and they're being done within our home. >> reporter: but she's also going one step further to make sure the marijuana joey uses is safe. every ounce she gets goes here first. this is a lab that only tests cannabis. >> it's a no brainer that it should be safe. >> reporter: this mom is also very particular about the strain he receives. it has no animal products. >> i'm a cultivator and educator. >> reporter: and the strain comes from this man. he's been growing pot for over 20 years. and while they may not agree on many things when it comes to medical marijuana, they agree on this. >> if you're calling it medicine, it should be good for you.
11:19 pm
>> if we're calling it a medication, let's do the appropriate research, standardize it and make sure patients are getting what they think they are getting. >> reporter: for hester perez, the change she's seen in her son is proof enough that she's made the right decision. >> thanks to cannabis, i'm having my first with my son. my first of everything. >> so what do you think? we want to know what your opinion is about giving autistic children medical marijuana. we invite you to go to our website,, and add your comment. the photographer taking the video is one of the rafters who survived when the raft capsized. one of the seven people involved
11:20 pm
is still recovering from shock. and jeff joins me now. we've been talking about how high the water is in all the rivers and reservoirs and it's directly because of the melting snow pack. >> from all the record setting snow. it will be a continual problem. if you're headed up to see ysee just be careful. 96 in los gatos. redwood city was 85. as we look from earlier tonight, the marine layer is really compressed down. so while we are getting the cooling winds moving in, without a thick marine layer at this point, it's having a hard time really dropping our temperatures a lot. that's why we're seeing such mild numbers right now. 75 still for you in the east bay and livermore. and right now we have dropped to
11:21 pm
58 in san francisco. so obviously much cooler right up against the coastline where this fog is continually pushing up against it this morning. as we head throughout tomorrow, windy at times, hot inland as throughout the next couple of days, we will eventually get some dramatic changes here when it comes to the temtds. right now the high pressure will keep it hot for tomorrow. we'll notice the bigger differences on thursday. tomorrow morning, most of the fog right along the coastline, possibly patchy fog in the peninsula. more sunshine coming back, more hot temperatures for wednesday. still about 10 to 15 degrees above average here. let's get a look at tonight's numbers. in the morning, 63 in san jose. and tomorrow, one of the hottest spots will again be the south
11:22 pm
bay like it was today. 94 in evergreen, 95 in dublin. mid 90s for livermore. 74 in oakland. 92 in concord and 95 in fairfield. the north bay, not quite so hot. your seven-day forecast has some cooling here. saturday and noticey, notice as we head into tomorrow, a slight chance of mountain thunderstorms. back with more news and sports after this. . starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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you are the it appears while lawmakers were working to slash millions from the state budget, hundreds were making bank. top earners include one prison doctor who made close to $800,000. and a prison dentist who made close to $600,000. in total, california pays more than 1,400 workers in excess of $200,000. the controllers office released the information in response to thatom catnsiope that compensation scandal in l.a. county. sports is next. . beth!
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it's something that doesn't happen very often. both major league teams in the
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bay area playing at home on the same night. tonight was which pitching matchup to watch. we begin with the giants. matt cain on the mound as the giants take on the padres in game two of a four-game set. top of the 6th with two on and cameron maybin hitting the gapper to left center. two come around to score and maybin ends up with a triple. torres on third and the wild pitch. torres runs for home and he's tagged out. qualls excitedly spikes the ball. the giants lose 5-3. >> it's frustrating to give the runs back, obviously. but that's how the game goes, it changes at times. you've got to keep going up there and doing what you're doing. they tied it back up and we had
11:30 pm
the lead again. that's what is frustrating when you get deeper into the game. you have the chance to keep the lead and you don't do it, that's tough to sit on. a's hosting the mariners. cahill facing hernandez. top of the 7th, dustin ackley sends this one to center, a solo shot right over the center field wall. 2-0 seattle. bottom of the 9th, coco crisp sends this to left. weeks could come around to score, tie thing game up at 2-2. this one goes to extras. top of the 10th, runners on first and second, and brendan ryan grounds to second. ichiro slides hard into second, so pennington's throw goes wide. the mariners up by one. the a's lose 4-2. >> when you make errors and make them late in the game, when you're not scoring many runs,
11:31 pm
typically it will cost you. so it's just we've lost a few games this year with bad defense and when you have good pitching, you know, you really want to concentrate on your defense. we do a lot of work with it. we will continue to do a lot of work with it and try to get better. on his website, tiger woods announced that he will miss ths? >> tha jessica? nk>>hank you, minldzi. see you next time. we'll be right back.
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tell a friend facebook set to make news. lots of speculation, including rumors facebook will launch an ipad app. scott budman will be there tomorrow and will send up updates. you are a big facebook .re take? >> no. i have no idea. >> see you tomorrow.

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